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Dinero Seguro®
Electronic Money Transfer

By:Y&R/The Bravo Group
Hispanic Case Study

Client: United States Postal Service (USPS)

The Situation: Building on money order services, the U.S. Postal Service developed a new product with improved security and faster delivery of cash outside the U.S. called:

Dinero Seguro®
Electronic Money Transfers

Mexico was the first targeted market.
Transactions from the U.S. to Mexico led the category with 65% of all wire transactions
Developed an alliance with Bancomer
     - A leading Mexican bank with the largest retail branch network
     - Shared brand essence of security and reliability

The Challenge: Breaking into an established category
Highly competitive marketplace and extremely savvy consumer
Key competitors have long standing equity and spend aggressively in the category

Leverage USPS's credibility and equity among the target audience
Create differentiation among electronic money transfer services
Utilizing an integrated Hispanic communications plan to generate/build brand awareness, spur trial/retrial of Dinero Seguro®.

The Solution: Positioning Statement
Dinero Seguro® is fast, safe and the only service guaranteed by the U.S. Postal Service and Bancomer in Mexico that you can trust to electronically transfer your money to your loved ones in Mexico.

Those who send money to their loved ones in Mexico - It is a moral and family obligation to send money back home on a regular basis - Two segments identified as greatest volume opportunities - groups made up primarily of Mexican immigrants including farm workers and blue collar workers, etc.

Dinero Seguro® - Hispanic Campaign
"Tan seguro como el amor de los suyos"™
"As sure/true as the love of your loved ones"™

Campaign illustrates the closeness and emotional bond of immigrants in the U.S. and their family ties back home in Mexico.
- The struggle of the new immigrant in the U.S. is one of great pride and responsibility
- Sharing the fruits of their labor is important
- Dinero Seguro® helps to bridge this financial obligation

Integrated Hispanic Communications:
Integrated Hispanic communications included
Advertising: Generate/build brand awareness and drive trial/retrial;
Promotions: Generate increased awareness, trial/retrial during high purchase opportunity periods;
Event Marketing: Build awareness, stimulate trial and drive traffic to post offices while creating goodwill;
Direct Marketing: To stimulate and secure repeat purchase.

The Campaign Results:
Dinero Seguro® meets and exceeds expectations

Surpassed projected volume and revenue goals by over 35%
Brand awareness more than doubled
- Advertising awareness almost tripled
- Total usage more than doubled
- Key attributes increased at category leaders' expense.

The Campaign Award:
1999 Gold Effie® Award
Category: Non-English Language

Dinero Seguro® Hispanic Campaign:

"Tan seguro como el amor de los suyos"™
"As sure/true as the love of your loved ones"™

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