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La Opinión
expands market reach through joint distribution partnership with Los Angles Times

Marketing Strategy
La Opinión, the countryís leading Spanish-language daily newspaper, made a giant leap forward in penetrating the growing Southern California Latino market through a joint distribution and marketing program with the Los Angeles Times.

Starting on August 2nd, in a crossover promotion like one never before seen in Los Angeles, La Opinión and the Los Angeles Times partnered to distribute both papers together. An undeniable recognition of the changing demographics in Southern California that sets a precedent for continued efforts to satisfy the needs and wants of the Latino families across the United States.

During the last nine weeks, the Los Angeles Times has been inserted into nearly all copies of La Opinión, and distributed throughout the Southern California region, including non-core areas for La Opinión, like Riverside, Ventura and San Diego counties.

Marketed under the slogan banner "Para Todos y Cada Uno" (For Each and Everyone) the bundled papers are sold for 35 cents at La Opinión news racks and retailers; La Opinión is also available as a stand-alone product in certain areas for 25 cents.

The new product serves the needs of both readers and advertisers. For advertisers, it provides the unique vehicle they have been looking for to effectively reach the growing number of bilingual Latino households.

For consumers, the venture gives readers the best of both worlds. As the local Hispanic marketplace becomes increasingly bilingual, it offers readers the opportunity to enjoy two great newspapers in one convenient package.

Media Strategy
The joint promotion was launched with an aggressive advertising campaign on August 16 to promote the paperís joint distribution with the Los Angeles Times. The campaign included TV, radio, newspaper, POP, bus shelters and Internet advertising.

The advertising campaign captured perfectly the purpose for the promotion to reach the growing number of bilingual households, utilizing emotional and innovative communication elements that are common to both cultures.

Creative Approach
The creative, developed by cruz/kravetz:IDEAS, La Opiniónís agency of record, included a 30 sec. TV spot executed in an animated comic format utilizing human-like characters that reflect the social and ethnic diversity of the Hispanic bilingual market. The execution used an animation technique that treats movement of different layers within the same frame independently, combined with optic lenses-like perspective tricks, and sophisticated sound effects. The 60 sec. radio spot, complementing the TV film, emulates a movie trailer. The tone of the spots was inspired by thriller movie sound effects and adventure comic aesthetics.

The TV and radio spots were aired on all Hispanic TV stations and the majority of Hispanic radio stations during a 6-week flight. In paper ads ran in La Opinión and Los Angeles Times for 9 weeks and full size posters were displayed at 145 bus shelters in selected locations.

Through this promotion, readers receive La Opiniónís outstanding coverage in sports, entertainment and Hispanic news, now complemented with the Los Angeles times coverage of general information. This program was designed as the most practical and convenient approach to serving the changing demographics of the Southern California market place. Most importantly, it introduces La Opinión to new readers throughout the Southern California market.

Target Audience
According to industry sources, Southern California ranks as the countryís largest Hispanic market, with a population in excess of 6.5 million and $67 billion in purchasing power. Advertisers spent more that $387.2 million reaching the market just in Los Angeles County in 1998.

At the same time, the market is becoming increasingly bilingual. Recent studies indicate that 35% of Hispanic readers prefer bilingual content, while 36% of households are fully bilingual and 31% speak Spanish only.

La Opinión is the nationís largest Spanish-language daily newspaper with a daily circulation of 107,000. La Opinión was founded on September 16, 1926, and is based in Los Angeles, CA. It circulates throughout the five-county Southern California area and reaches over half a million readers. The paper has been published by the Lozano family since its founding. The paper has also established marketing partnerships with KMEX-TV, Grupo Gigante supermarkets and Radio Unica to fully penetrate the Hispanic market.

Evidence Of Results
Preliminary figures reflect a 10% growth on circulation verses the same quarter in 1998.








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