Marketing To Latinos: A Guide to the In-Culture Approach Part 2
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  CASE STUDY: Kellogg's Frosted Flakes ("GRRR")


The Hispanic comsumption of Ready to Eat Cold Cereal (RTEC) was in decline. There had been an annual 3% drop in volume from 1997-1999.

Entering 2000, Kellogg's market leadership was weakening. Between 1995 and 1999, Kellogg's Hispanic volume declined at more than twice the rate (-13% vs. - 6%) of the category. Yielding their smallest share lead in 4 years. In the general market, Kellogg's had already slipped to #2 behind General Mills.

Kellogg's was facing a competitive disadvantage in media spending and with branding efforts.

Kellogg's had limited resources and funds. Since they were unable to support more than one brand in the Adult and All-Family categories, they chose to support the #2 Hispanic brand, Frosted Flakes versus the long time Hispanic leader, Kellogg's Corn Flakes.

Campaign Objectives

Marketing Objectives: To grow the consumption of Frosted Flakes among U.S. Hispanics, recuperating their share of market and performing ahead of the category.

Communication Objective: To remind Hispanic consumers why they love eating Frosted Flakes (Get Hispanics Grrring for the great taste of Frosted Flakes!)

Target Audience: Spanish-dominant Hispanic Women (Moms) 18-49


To devise and implement a vertically integrated marketing plan behind Frosted Flakes:

  • Driven by national TV
  • Supported with spot TV, OOH, radio and promotions in key Hispanic markets

Obsession vs. Passion

The general market campaign of obsession for the brand didn't resonate with Hispanics. Passion was a better fit. Hispanics are passionate about family, music and food, and Hispanics love everything about the brand (i.e., sweet crunchy flakes, Tony the Tiger).

Creative Execution

From the original strategy, a new spot was devised with unique Hispanic insights capturing the sense of passion via the "GRRR" mnemonic.


At a time when the category decreased in volume by 8%, Kellogg's grew volume for the brand by 9%, re-igniting the passion for Frosted Flakes which helped drive Kellogg's overall RTEC business by nearly 3 share points.

Agency: Lapiz-Integrated Hispanic Marketing, a division of Leo Burnett USA






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